BodyCraft F603 Flat-Incline Bench

The BodyCraft F603 Flat-Incline Exercise Bench adjusts so you can train, build and work your muscles from several different positions. The BodyCraft bench adjusts from flat to incline in 6 different positions from 0 to 85 degrees. This ample range allows for a wide variety of strength-training exercises. The back pad slides along the frame to close the gap, so you can find the most comfortable and effective fit. The 8 different adjustment points provide a varied workout that is sure to meet your personal fitness goals. The back pad doubles as a knee hold down for lat pulls and the assist bar can be used as a foot brace for rows or stabilizer assist. The F603 Flat-Incline Bench also conveniently includes a handle and wheels for easy transportation. This modern, multi-purpose bench is designed to work with the BodyCraft Personal Functional Trainer, free-weight systems and dumbbells.

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